AD #1966 – Europe Could Bring Back Larger Engines, Large Euro Vans Take U.S. by Storm, Geely Creates New Brand

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Europe Could Bring Back Larger Engines - EVs Forcing Platinum Prices Down - Large Euro Vans Take U.S. by Storm - Geely Creates New Brand Below Volvo - How Autonomy and Connectivity Will Benefit OEMs

On today's show stricter emission tests in Europe are forcing automakers to bring back larger engines Volvos parent company Geely is creating a new car brand. The for transit. Selling cargo van in the world. On that mark coming right up. I do. This is not a like daily at the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. In the wake of Volkswagen's diesel emission cheating scandal European regulators decided to tighten up emissions testing as we sat in the past but tests are pretty easy which is why fuel economy ratings for cars in Europe look much better than for cars tested in the U. S.. Starting next year the task will more closely reflect real world driving than the current tax shell but there's a surprising consequence because of this change. Reuters reports ...

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