Jennifer Conner on Balancing Work, Life, and Volunteering with the SDPA

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Jennifer Conner, MPAS, PA-C, stopped by the Dermcast Studios at the SDPA’s Annual Summer Dermatology Conference 2016, held in Austin, Texas, to discuss her new role as President of the SDPA and how she balances the work she does with the Society with her busy full-time career and family life.

So we're here today as term because studios at the STP annual summer conference at the JW Marriott in Austin Texas and we have with us here today Jennifer Connor who is the new president of the STP a and you're just starting with us is the president so can you tell us a little bit more about what your role in tails sure so the president of the us EPA essentially serves as the as a director. I kind of overseas the board of directors. Great. So you've been a gerontology PA for awhile now can you tell me a little bit about your role as a dermatology PA and kind of what made you jump into STP leadership and and and that is something you have involved in your life. Sure servant dermatology PA for a little over 10 years and have been involved in the US EPA for about 7. So I came and STP leadership pretty early in my career but it was really just meeting other leaders that inspired me to get involved ...

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