Singing spiders, new shark species & a snow leopard sighting

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

Snow leopards spotted in a new location in Kazakhstan, tourists encounter a cassowary roadblock in Australia, scientists discover that jumping spiders sing to woo their mates & is that viral megalodon video a fake?

Ndan this week's episode snow leopard spot in the new habitat a cassowary roadblock in Australia spiders that seeing and no this is not megalodon starting off in the U. S. where scientists have discovered that male jumping spiders not only danced their way into females hearts but they seem to by rubbing 2 body segments together the tiny arachnids create vibrations that females here through ear like slits in their legs called sencilla want to Kurdistan with these amazing photos captured in Shamshi sanctuary the images show evidence of endangered snow leopards living in a new location after phoning tracks in the area of the snow leopard tries set up cameras to confirm that the big cats were indeed living in the same. In an online video has been making the rounds claiming to show a giant. A shark is. Actually at this. Closely relate. Better known ...

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