AD #1961 – Subaru Axes Crosstrek Hybrid, People Quickly Relax in Autonomous Cars, Ford Reveals SEMA Concepts

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Ford Reveals SEMA Concepts - Ford Builds Last Vehicle in Australia - Subaru Discontinues Crosstrek Hybrid - People Quickly Relax in Autonomous Cars - Renault Prepares for Autonomous Tests in China - UAW Labor Deal Satisfaction

On today's show Ford reveals several customize F. one fifties it will show off at sema Subaru discontinues the crosstrek hybrid and public task show people quickly relax while riding an autonomous vehicles. On that more coming right up. This is not a line daily they show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Well if an auto maker has a bad **** truck to show off. This is the time to do it ram just unveiled the rebel T. R. acts. Chevy the Colorado Z. H. 2 and Hennessey velociraptor so not to be left out Ford is giving us a little taste of what it will have it seem of this year with 4 custom F. one fifties. It'll have something to satisfy nearly everyone's taste. From the lightly modified like this sports being trucked ...

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