ScienceCast 230: Massive Cloud on Collision Course with the Milky Way

published 4 years ago

Massive cloud on collision course with the Milky Way presented by science at NASA. In 1963 and astronomy student named Gail Smith working at an observatory in the Netherlands discovered something odd. A massive cloud of gas orbiting the Milky Way galaxy. Smith's cloud contained enough gas to make 2000000 stars the size of our own sun and it was moving through space at 700000 miles per hour. For the next 40 plus years the cloud remained a curiosity. One of a growing number of so called high velocity cloud circling the Milky Way. Interesting but not sensational. Then something changed. In the mid 2 thousands radio astronomer Jay like many colleagues took a closer look at Smith's cloud using the green bank radio telescope in West Virginia. And they were able to calculate the clouds orbit ...

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