Spiritual Beings and the Human Experience | Matt Townsend

published 2 years ago by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Before Matt Townsend built his own successful relationship coaching practice, he was labeled “the jam bomber” and “loin boy” as a preteen. How do labels change our perceptions of ourselves? Who are we really?

The. Houston. We have a problem. Sound familiar that's the now famous phrase from the Apollo 13 crew right on there moon journey and the interesting thing was. They were pretty much trying to send a signal back home that they were in some serious trouble. And I wanted to get in that same spirit tonight and give you a warning humans we have a problem here on this earth and that problem is very simply our human lives are destroying our spiritual lives. Our human existence has the tendency to crush and to do war of our spiritual existence. And we have got to figure out how to take our lives back ...

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