AD #1958 – U.S. Sales Hit Their Peak, GM Makes Fuel-Cells Look Cool, Buick to Make Own Version of Volt

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- U.S. Sales Hit Their Peak - Chevy Makes Colorado Fuel-Cell for Army - Fuel-Cells a Waste of Time? - Formula E Looks to Drop 2 Car Strategy - Buick to Make Version of the Volt Called Velite - Vintage Car Racing

On today's show jeep sales fall for the first time in years Buick will build a version of the vault in China and formula E. reflects the impressive improvements in battery technology. All that and more coming right up. Online daily. This is online daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry while we've got the sales numbers for the U. S. market in September that came and. Kind of a mixed bag total sales came to 1.42 0 vehicles that's down 0.7 percent from last year a drop of about 10000 units. SRK minutes 17 points. It's 0 down from last year's 17.9 but it's still a very strong number also the star is up from the 16.9000000 rate it hit in August so here's our online insight the market has hit a peak but its plan ...

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