Humpback whale rescue, forked-penis fly & new pangolin protections

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

We say goodbye to a rare frog species, the world’s most trafficked animal thrown a lifeline, komodo dragons battle in Indonesia, a lucky humpback gets a second chance and a look at the shocking scale of tiger farming in China.

This week's episode we say goodbye to a rare frog species the world's most traffic animal thrown a lifeline Komodo dragons battle in Indonesia and the like the humpback gets a second chance. Starting off in South Africa with some great news for an endangered species sites he's a global wildlife Simon has just declared a total ban on the international trade of all 8 species of pangolins ping lives of the world's most traffic animal in its hope the move will curb the rampant illegal trade traffickers found in possession of the creatures will now face stiffer fines and hefty jail time. And more endangered species news were sad to report that the last known grabs his friends Linda tree frog has died scientists been searching for a mate for the lone male over the last 9 years but sadly they were unsuccessful in their efforts the frog known as Tuffy was rescued from Panama into 5 when the deadly Katrin fungus decimated and Fabian ...

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