AD #1954 – Diesels in Trouble in Europe, Chinese Envision Earns Top Pick, BMW Offers Airbag Jacket for Motorcycles

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Diesels in Trouble in Europe, Toyota Hybrids Up - European Millennials Want Hybrids and EVs - Prius Could Go All Plug-In - Post Office Wants New Mail Trucks - BMW Offers Airbag Jacket for Motorcycles - Altima Getting Pushed from Nissan’s #1 Spot - Chinese Envision Earns Top Crash Scores - Nissan Invents Autonomous Chairs

On today's show as diesels come under fire Toyota's hybrid sales are booming in Europe prefers Chinese car the IIHS crash tests passes with flying colors and BMW develops an airbag jacket. For motorcycle riders. All that and more coming right. Online. This is online daily the show for enthusiasts. Automotive industry. Diesel engines are in deep trouble in Europe environmentalists and even some major cities want to ban them and the VW diesel emissions scandal has hurt the image up the engine maybe that's why Toyota is doing so well selling hybrids in Europe. They now account for 41 percent of all Toyota sales there and 98 percent of all Lexus sales words out of reports that Toyota and Lexus will sell about 300000 hybrids and plugins ...

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