AD #1953 – VW’s EV Plans Could be Threatened, Jeep Unveils the All-New Compass, Fighting Hackers is Big Business

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- DoJ Mulls Amount for VW’s Criminal Fine - All-New Jeep Compass Debuts - Mazda Miata Retractable Fastback Price - Big New 5G LTE Consortium - Cyber Security Turning Into Big Business - A Peak at the New Prius Prime

On today's show VW's plans for 30 new electric cars could be threatened by big fines meet the all new jeep grand Cherokee I mean the jeep compass and fighting off car hackers is turning into a big business all that and more coming right up. Online. This is online daily to show for enthusiasts. The automotive industry. Are more bad news for Volkswagen U. S. department of justice's trying to figure out how much it should find the company for its diesel cheating scandal up to now the company has agreed to pay over $16000000000 for breaking U. S. emissions regulations. But now the DOJ is going to lead the criminal fines against the company. Bloomberg reports the DOJ wants to find the company heavily but not so much that it forces the company out a bit ...

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