Intraoperative TEE of the Month - October 2016

published 4 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Congenitally corrected transposition (L-TGA)

This is doctor Julie Huff Meyer with our opening anesthesia intra operative T. E. case of the month for October 2016. Each month we feature an operative case. Which teachers are emphasizes an important aspect. Of basic and drop it of T. E.. Our patient this month as a 30 year old man with L. transposition of the great arteries his past medical history includes obesity proxies most superb intercooler tachycardia migraine headaches hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea. His transposition of the great arteries with ventricular in version has been followed closely and was recently evaluated with cardiac MRI prior to surgery which showed that his right ventricular or systemic ejection fraction was 30 percent. With a dilated right ventricle and moderate tricuspid valve regurgitation. Despite being relatively symptomatic. He presented to the operating room ...

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