AD #1951 – Chevrolet Reveals 2018 Equinox, Tesla Sues Michigan, Threats to Auto Industry Growth

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Chevrolet Equinox Gets Turbo Diesel - Bentley Bentayga Gets 48V Diesel - Smart fortwo EV Gets Limited Range - Lexus UX Has Holographic Displays - Tesla Sues Michigan - ZF Emergency Steering - Auto Industry Threats

On today's show despite VW's emissions scandal other auto maker still support the diesel engine Sanath want your card all automatically steer away from an accident and Tesla files a federal lawsuit so it can sell cars directly to consumers all that and more coming right up. Online do. This is not a line daily the show for enthusiasts. Of the automotive industry. New products are what this business is all about and Chevy just revealed an all new equinox. New from the ground up it shed 400 pounds. It offers a host of new features. The reworked interior features all the latest and infotainment technology as well as either a 7 or an 8 inch display screen. For easier loading the rear seat now folds down to reveal a flat floor. Customers will also have a choice of 3 ...

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