AD #1950 – McLaren Denies Apple Rumors, ZF Develops 4-Wheel Steer for Pickups, New Player Emerges in the EV Game

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- McLaren Denies Apple Rumors - Vacuum Maker Sucks Up Aston Martin Developer - EV Startup Says It’s Better Than Tesla - How Clean Are EVs? - ZF Develops 4-Wheel Steer for Big Pickups - NHTSA Adopts SAE Autonomous Definitions - Classic Car Market Cooling Off

On today's show the rumor mill says apple will by McLaren but Michael Erin says it's not going to happen Sanath develops 4 wheel steering for full size pickups and we take a look at 2 new E. V. startups all that and more coming right up. Adeline be. This is not allowing daily to show for it through the eyes of the automotive industry. Yesterday the internet lit up with rumors that apple was going to buy McLaren. Initial reports that apple was interested in buying McLaren engineering which is involved in developing all kind. Ology. Later in the day the rumor said it would include McLaren's automotive assembly operations as well as its Formula 1 team. Seemed like a match made in heaven. We know that apple wants to get into the automotive business and McLaren could be a perfect partner. Or not ...

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