OpSec for Script Kiddies | TechSNAP 285

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

The FBI arrests the script kiddies that hacked the CIA director, how Dropbox hacks your Mac & the guys behind a DDoS for hire service get busted. Plus great questions, our answers, a rockin roundup & more!

Ngga me up on this week's episode of text at the script kiddies that hacked the CIA director get busted how Dropbox hacks your mac and the detox for higher service that got shut down let's it's your great questions our answers are rock and round up and much much more on this week's episode of text that. Everyone and welcome to text now this is episode 285 of Jupiter broadcasting's weekly systems network administration podcast we stream this up as a live on 9/15/2016 this episode brought to our 3 find sponsors DigitalOcean ticking and I existence Italy more about those great sponsors as the show goes on our live stream and all of the downloads over Jupiter broadcasting.com are powered by the incredible scale engine you go check that out it might just solve your problem my ...

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