AD #1948 – NHTSA Says Computers Are Legally Drivers, Uber Sets Up Shop in Detroit, The Proper Way to Announce Price

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- NHTSA Sets Federal Guidelines for Autonomous Cars - Level 3 vs. Level 4 Autonomy - Uber R and D Headed to Detroit, Not Silicon Valley - The AAA Says Americans Waste Billions on Premium Fuel - Honda Sets Up New Motorcycle Website - GM Averts Canadian Strike - GM Shows the Proper Way to Announce Price

On today's show General Motors avoids a strike in Canada NHTSA announces federal guidelines for autonomous cars. Triple a says Americans ways billions every year on premium fuel. We do not agree. All that and more coming right up. Online dating. This online daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. In a big victory for the United States automotive industry NHTSA is issuing its regulations for autonomous cars that means federal regulations will set the rules for these cars not each of the 50 states auto makers worried that they would face a Hodge podge of different state regulations. NHTSA also established that the computers running autonomous cars will be legally recognized as the driver of those vehicles. That need ...

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