AD #1947 – Golf Alltrack to Plug VW’s SUV Gap, DARPA Teams Up With Pratt and Miller, GM Faces Strike From Unifor

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- GM Faces Strike From Unifor - VW Suspends Audi Executive - Golf Alltrack to Bridge VW’s SUV Gap - DARPA Teams Up With Pratt and Miller - Waze Adopts INRIX Parking Data - How Elio Keeps Its Price Low

On today's show out he has to suspend a top executive over its diesel emissions cheating General Motors faces a strike in Canada at midnight to night. DARPA turns to Pratten Miller. Off road via call all that and more coming right up. Online daily. This is online daily the show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. A Canadian union Unifor could go on strike tonight against GM it's demanding that General Motors promised to build new vehicles at its plant in our show Ontario before it signed a new contract GM says it's not committing to anything until it knows what it's labor costs will be. So it sure looks like they're heading to a standoff. GM seems to be in a better bargaining position Canada has been losing automotive plants for the ...

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