Yoga for Fibromyalgia | Tips to Help You Get Started | Guest Teacher Rachel Marie White

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

✮ YOGA TIPS FOR FIBROMYALGIA ✮ Fibromyalgia is a very unique chronic pain condition and can affect each person differently. Because of this, it can be a bit tricky to navigate the world of yoga when you’re first starting out. In this video, guest yoga teacher Rachel Marie White is sharing three tips to help you safely begin yoga if you’re living with fibromyalgia. Rachel Marie White specializes in yoga for people living with chronic pain and chronic illness. As a chronic illness fighter herself, Rachel knows first hand what it is like to live with chronic symptoms. This allows her to create yoga practices that intuitively support the needs of chronic pain and chronic illness fighters. Rachel’s website is full of free resources and paid membership options as well. Every practice focuses on cultivating self acceptance. ✮ RACHEL’S FREE YOGA EBOOK ✮

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