AD #1946 – Tesla Getting Into More Supplier Battles, German States Sue VW, Lexus Spider Web Seat

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Tesla Battles Suppliers - German States Sue VW - Why Hyundai Wants Luxury Brand - Volvo is Wagon Its Tail - Lexus Spider Web Seat - IDSA Design As a Change Agent

On today's show supplier say that taz lock is starting to act like a mean old car company Lexus turns to spider webs to make your tush more comfortable and how the public is undergoing a psychological change when it comes to autonomous cars all that and more coming right up online via. This is not a line daily to show for it Susie yes of the automotive industry. You know tells was starting to look more and more like an old line car company. It's getting into nasty disputes with more and more of its supply Inc earlier this year Tesla sued German supplier her bigger over problems with the design of its falcon wing doors on the model lacks. Now tells Liz says that mobile I tried to stop it from designing its own autopilot system. For its part mobile I says it's going to drop council as a customer and that is ...

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