AD #1943 – Ford Hints at Autonomous Sales by 2025, Chevy Reveals Bolt Driving Range, NVIDIA Introduces AI Computer

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Ford Hints at Autonomous Sales by 2025 - NVIDIA Introduces AI Computer - CARB Defends ZEV Mandate - Chevy Reveals Bolt Driving Range - Renault-Nissan Hit EV Milestone - Hyundai Upgrades Sonata Hybrid

On today's show for could begin retail sales of autonomous cars by 2025 Chevy reveals the driving range of the book Evey. And why California believes automakers. Won't have trouble meeting its that mandate. On that more coming right up on online daily. This is not a line daily for September 13 for 26. The Ford Motor Company strongly hinted at selling fully autonomous cars to retail customers around 2025. The company previously announced it will have autonomous cars and commercial right sharing programs in 2021. At a media event at the company's headquarters yesterday Ford CEO mark fields said retail sales could start in the middle of the next decade. He also said Ford has a number of of advantages over the tech companies that are getting into autonomous cars in mobility services. First ...

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