Counting cuttlefish, a sunfish rescue & South Africa’s rhino poaching stats

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

A new study shows that cuttlefish have number sense, scientists make a surprising giraffe discovery, rescuers rush to save a trapped sunfish, false killer whales show off their hunting prowess in Hawaii and South Africa releases its latest rhino poaching stats.

WNED this week's episode the world's first nano fish south Africa's random potion stats released a surprising giraffe discovery rescuers rushed to save a trapped Momoa and false killer whales on the hunt. Starting off some good news for Wales 9 in the 14 known populations of humpbacks have been delisted from the Endangered Species Act. The marine mammals were hunted to the brink of extinction and have been listed since the act was signed in 1973 to ensure that their numbers don't come in again the animals will still be protected from things like harassment hunting in collection. On to Nepal where rare one horned rhino has died after being shot by poachers the animal was found in a forest and rush to chill one national park for treatment but unfortunately succumb to its injuries. The incident marks in a post first rhino poaching death in over 2 years. Anguish rhinos ...

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