AD #1941 – China Accuses Nissan and Hyundai of Cheating, Elio Beat to Market, Lexus Shows “Edgy” Crossover Concept

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- China Accuses More Companies of Cheating - Volvo Launches Autonomous Program - Canadian Company Unveils 3-Wheel EV - Lexus Shows New Crossover Concept - Dodge Brings Back Colors From the Past - Porsche Panamera Hybrid Details - EPA Looking Past 2025 Standards

On today's show China accuses Nissan and Hyundai of cheating on electric car subsidies EPA wants stricter fuel economy standards after 2025 and a start up from British Columbia. LTO to the market. On that more coming right up on a blind date. This is not a line daily for September 9 of 2016. Yesterday we reported that China is cracking down on car companies that broke the rules on its subsidy program to develop electric cars we said that none of the major automakers were involved but we were wrong. Today China announced the names of another 20 automakers that were caught into those companies are Nissan and Hyundai Geely the company that owns Volvo was also named. Chinese authorities are hopping mad writers reports that the China association of automobile manufacturers says this is a blow to the autumn ...

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