AD #1939 – Is Bosch a Cheater? Mercedes Drone Delivery Van, Peugeot Reveals New Crossover

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Did Bosch Conspire with VW to Cheat? - Mercedes Drone Delivery Van - Chevy Bolt Regenerative Braking - Mystery Badge Revealed - Genesis in Better Position than Lincoln? - Peugeot Unveils New 5008 Crossover

On today's show March gets dragged into the VW scandal Mercedes wants to deliver packages from vans with drones and we reveal the answer to yesterday's barn find challenge. All that more coming right up on online daily. This is not a link daily for September 7 of 2016. At all looks like bosh the largest automotive supplier in the world could be in deep trouble over Volkswagen's diesel emission cheating scandal. Lawyers for a group of U. S. car owners file charges the Bosch conspired with the W. to develop software that could detect when the diesel engines were being tested for emissions. That software would then make sure the engine pass the test but would turn off some emission controls when the test was over. Even more interesting the lawsuit says but as far back as 2008 bosh demanded that the ...

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