AD #1938 – VW Considers Skoda for U.S., All-New Land Rover Discovery, Supplier Business Set to Boom

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- U.S. Car Sales Drop in August - UConnect Updates - NLRB Orders VW to Bargain with UAW - Kawasaki Develops AI System - Audi Steps Up Formula E Involvement - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

On today's show Volkswagen once the south semis in the U. S. market Mercedes wants to use its cars to find parking spots for other people an automotive suppliers will see a giant jump in sales moment more coming right up on online daily. This is not a light daily for September 6 of 2016. In a very strategic move Volkswagen's truck and bus group is forming an alliance with Navistar. Currently the American market for heavy trucks is dominated by Freightliner which is owned by Daimler and by Volvo. So it should come as no surprise that another European company wants to get into the American truck market. The W. is investing $256000000 for 16.6 percent stake in Navistar and will appoint 2 board members. Navistar has struggled financially for years what expects ...

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