AD #1937 – U.S. Car Sales Drop in August, NLRB Orders VW to Bargain with UAW, Kawasaki Develops AI System

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- U.S. Car Sales Drop in August - UConnect Updates - NLRB Orders VW to Bargain with UAW - Kawasaki Develops AI System - Audi Steps Up Formula E Involvement - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

On today's show new car sales in the American market posts their biggest drop in 6 years the NLRB orders VW to bargain with the UAW and look up updates to SEAT's you connect infotainment system on that mark coming right up on online daily. This is not a line daily for September 2 of 2016. The US car market is showing definite signs of slowing down words out of reports that sales fell 3.4 percent in August while the sar came in at 16.9000000 vehicles. Down from 17.6000000 last year. Automakers sold 1.5000000 vehicles about 50000 fewer cars and trucks than a year ago. Amongst the full line manufacturers. GM was down 5 percent Toyota was off 5 percent but managed to surpass Ford which fell more than 8 percent. After ...

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