AD #1936 – Germany Accuses FCA of Cheating, Lamborghini Wants a Gentle Bull, 2017 Fusion Sport Impressions

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Germany Accuses FCA of Using Defeat Devices - Kia Shows Off All-New Rio - Bumblebee Heads to China - Water Injection Going Into Mass Production - Lambo Wants a Gentle Bull - 2017 Ford Fusion Sport Impressions

And today shell SCA is accused of equipping vehicles with a mission training devices Lamborghini wants to appeal to women and families and we have our impressions of the new Ford fusion sport all that more coming right up on moneyline do. This is not a line daily for September 1 of 2016. Germany would love to catch non German car companies cheating on diesel emissions. Sure would take some of the heat off Volkswagen and maybe it would help preserve the made in Germany brand image. Maybe that's why German authorities claim they found a defeat device and for fiat models that switch off exhaust treatment system. Italian authorities conducted their own tasks and say they didn't find any wrongdoing. Now Reuters reports the German government is now asking the European Commission to investigate. Kia completely re ...

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