AD #1935 – Moscow Auto Show Highlights, Ride Sharing Via Waze, Are Car Keys Headed for Extinction?

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Russia Touts Technology - I Can’t Find My Keys - Aero Wheels Make MPGs - Ride Sharing Via Waze - You Said It!

I'm today shall the day is fast approaching when car keys will become a thing of the past Google is using ways for low cost ride sharing and check out this autonomous boss from the Moscow Auto Show on that more coming right up on online dating. This is not a like daily for August 31 of 2016. Even though the Russian market is struggling heavily the Moscow Auto Show had some pretty interesting reveals and we start off with a Lada a subsidiary of auto vase who had a number of concepts. That feature similar front and designs and scallops I details. Balat X. code is a cross over that features a turban motor and a 4 wheel drive transmission. I'm not sure what the heck a 4 wheel drive transmission is. But we'll look into it or if you know let us know. X. rate ...

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