AD #1933 – China Zaps EV Start-Ups, Auto Industry Loses Credibility, Regulators Want Big Trucks to Drive Slower

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Not So Fast - China Zaps EV Companies - No One Trick Pony - Colorado Adopts Cadillac V6 - FCA Wants Deal with Samsung - Auto Industry Loses Credibility

On today's show China decides it has too many companies making E. vis muscle cars hold their value better than other cars and the auto industry faces a crisis in credibility on that and more coming right up. Online de. This is not allowing daily for August 29. 26. It's a once big trucks to drive slower along with the federal motor carrier safety administration it wants to impose speed limits on big rigs of 6065 or 68 miles an hour it's all about reducing accidents and fuel costs for large trucks and buses. They claim this will save about $1000000000 in fuel costs and reduce the 1100 fatalities involving big trucks each year. Truckers are worried they'll be traveling slower than the traffic around them which ...

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