AD #1932 – VW Settles With Dealers, Used EV Batteries Get Second Life, Ford Makes Parking Easier

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- VW Settles With Dealers - GM Wins Ignition Switch Lawsuit - Ford Makes Parking Easier - Super Duty Gets Largest Tank in Segment - Amazon a Threat to Online Car Shopping Sites - Honda Expands ATV Plant - Used Batteries Get Second Life - You Said It!

On today's show VW will pay its U. S. dealers almost 2000000 Bucks apiece foreign has an app that will pay for your parking and use TV batteries. Create a whole new electric industry. All that and more coming right up. I do. Satellite daily for August 26. 2016. Volkswagen is making progress with its diesel scandal but that progress sure is expensive. VW announced it will buy back diesel cars that cannot be fixed and it will also compensate dealers for losses in their franchise value VW has 652 dealers in the United States and will pay them about 1.$2000000000. Which works out to roughly 1.8000000 for each dealer. General Motors one another lawsuit over its ignition switch defect. A jury in ...

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