Entrepreneurs: Casa Bonay

published 4 years ago by Monocle

Monocle Films travels to Barcelona to meet 32-year-old entrepreneur Inés Miró-Sans, who is busy shaking up the hotel industry. We check in to Casa Bonay to find the key to its success. Want to hear more? Join Miró-Sans and a stellar line-up of speakers at the fifth Monocle Quality of Life Conference this June. [Buy your ticket]( .

A time when Barcelona's mayor Atta Kalau has put a brake on mass tourism developments. It takes someone with great punished open hotel in win over local city well trodden city. Hotel yeah in this mirror signs may be just 32 years old. But her new addition to the local hospitality scene. Displays all the authenticity in confidence. Seasoned pro. Because of the nice started as an exceptional piece of MBA homework but turning the vision into reality. Acquire the gravitas of her longtime mentor Louise for young. He helped me our son's negotiate a 35 year lease. On the stunning heritage building in the a shovel directed straight. Car this ...

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