AD #1930 – Volvo Trucks Sets 2 World Speed Records, Kia Teases the New Rio, Tesla Boosts Performance and Range

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Tesla Boosts Performance and Range - The Iron Knight Sets Speed Records - Olli: The Autonomous Trolley - Chevy Cavalier Makes A Comeback - Kia Teases the New Rio - Opel Ampera-e To Debut In Paris

I'm today shall tussle is ludicrous mode gets a little more ludicrous be advantages a small autonomous spots has over traditional public transportation and key it uses the new Rio ahead of parents all that and more coming right up on Monday. It is not allowing daily. Show for enthusiasts. The automotive industry. No Tesla is a unique company that has tried to squash every preconceived notion anyone has ever had about an electric vehicles. And with the new upgraded 100 kilowatt hour battery the model less can travel an estimated 315 miles on a single charge. Now that's pretty impressive. The same pack also can be had with the model lacks which boosts its range to 289 miles. Acceleration also dropped ...

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