ScienceCast 226: A Spectacular Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

published 4 years ago

Spectacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter presented by science at NASA. August 2016 is a special month for backyard astronomy. Why. Because on almost any evening in August you can take a tour of the solar system no telescope required. For most of the month the 5 brightest planets. Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn happen splayed across the evening sky with the moon hopping from one to another and highlighting each one a different night while acting as a helpful guide to novice skywatchers. As August comes to a close however no guide is needed. Something so I catching in beautiful is going to happen even the least experienced guy watcher can find it without help. On August 27. Venus and Jupiter will converge in the sunset sky. Only about one fifteenth of a degree apart. If you hold a pencil at arm's length ...

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