Toothy fish discovery, comeback foxes & a sad end for rare desert lions

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

California’s island foxes bounce back, herpetologists in Peru make a colourful new discovery, a major blow for a population of rare giraffes in the DRC, famous desert lions meet a tragic end in Namibia & why is a toothy South American fish popping up in Michigan?

Sweet sub so police are on the move after a lion poisoning in Africa a new species of tree frog great news for island boxes in one strange into the fish gardening California where the U. S. government has removed 3 subspecies of island fox from the endangered species list back in 2000 just 70 individuals existed in the wild but thanks to conservation work we've now got 2100. In the dedicated work of herpetologists in Peru has led to the discovery of a new species of rain frog the colorful creatures Latin name roughly translates to Sleeping Beauty no lies to the mountain on which it was found. In some tougher news a wild Indian elephant there was. Let's. Bangladeshi newspapers name. 0 of Bengal. In over in Africa poachers have dealt. Blow to a. I feel ...

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