AD #1927 – Cadillac Reveals Stunning Escala Concept, Uber Snaps Up Otto, Ford To Make More GT’s

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Cadillac CT-Escala - Boat Tails Are Back! - Forward, Into the Past - Ford To Make More GT’s - Uber Snaps Up Otto - The Lithium Bubble - Roadkill Nights on Autoline - HCCI Where Are You?

On today's show 3 luxury brand celebrate their future and their past at pebble beach lithium prices for easy batteries are soaring right now but could be headed for a crash and why you don't hear much about each CCI engines anymore all that more coming right up on a blind date. This is out of line daily for August 19 of 2016. Who needs Detroit Frankfort or LA when you've got the pebble beach concourse. 3 starting new concepts made their debut at the car show and let's start out with the Cadillac ATS scholar concept at 210.5 inches long. A 4 door sedan is about 6 inches longer than the CT 6. You think that should become Cadillacs flagship sedan put back in April we reported Cadillac dropped plans to build the CD 8. This concept ...

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