Microsoft’s Golden Ticket | TechSNAP 280

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Microsoft leaks their golden key, allowing attackers to unlock secure boot systems, a security breach at Oracle exposes hundreds of companies & Linux has an embarrassing networking stack bug. Plus your questions, our answers & a packed round up!

NDA me up on this week's episode attacks at Microsoft leaks their golden key allowing attackers to unlock secure boot systems oracle suffers a security compromise that puts hundreds of their customers at risk and there's a super embarrassing networking bugs in Lenox pleasant your great questions our answers I packed roundup and much much more on this week's episode of techno. Everyone and welcome to Texas and this is episode 280 of Jupiter broadcasting's weekly systems network administration podcast we stream this episode live on 8/11/2016 this episode is brought to you by our 3 find sponsors DigitalOcean Tang and I existence I tell you more about those great sponsors as this here show goes on. All our life stream it's powered by the quite amazing scale engine over its gala ...

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