AD #1925 – Ford Targets 2021 for Full Autonomy, Dodge Reveals Dream Cruise Cars, VW Execs Face Punishment in Korea

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Ford Targets 2021 for Full Autonomy - Ford Bolsters Autonomous Tech - VW Execs Face Harsh Punishment in Korea - Big Truck Standards Finalized - Dodge Reveals Dream Cruise Cars - Dream Cruise Rescue Squad - You Said It!

On today's show for makes a serious commitment to put autonomous cars on the road VW executives in South Korea are banned from leaving the country and heavy truck makers be stricter emission controls on that more coming right up. Online dating. Czat align daily for August 17 of 2016. Even though naysayers like Ralph Nader say we won't see up Thomas cars on the road for another 30 years. Ford announced yesterday that it will have them on the road in 5 years. Fourty skipping over semi autonomous cars and going straight to fully autonomous ones like Google. Ford says it can't safely manage the handover when a human driver has to quickly take control of the car in an emergency situation. That's why it's skipping over semi autonomy. Specifically in 2021 ...

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