Siberia’s mine ‘demon’, rhino CPR & good news for great white sharks

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

A bizarre Siberian find, life-saving rhino CPR, a 10,000-kilometre journey to save elephants, why Alaska’s famous wolf pack is no more & the very, VERY long life of the Greenland shark. All those stories and more coming your way in this week’s blast of nature news.

Rescues a March for elephants one seriously strange mind find in the old the sharks on earth it's all coming up in your 2 minute recap of wildlife news. Starting off with a bit of good news and juvenile humpback whale down tangled in a fishing net off the coast of South Africa has finally been freed after a marathon to day operation rescue has been deemed the most difficult descente women in the area today. Over to the U. S. Atlantic coast were white shirt numbers are holding strong scientists attribute the healthy population to a resurgence of their favorite food the gray seal. These top predators might not be out of hot water just yet but this is good news for the species. Sticking with sharks new research suggests that Greenland sharks of the longest lived vertebrates honor looking at carbon in the shark's eyes scientists estimated that these deep sea inhabitants can potentially reached 3 ...

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