Montevideo: broad horizons

published 3 years ago by Monocle

With its intriguing mix of grand colonial boulevards, art deco façades and buzzing plazas, Uruguay’s capital is emerging as a beacon of creativity and democracy in Latin America. Monocle’s Tomos Lewis and photographer Ana Cuba travelled to Montevideo to find out more about Latam’s most liveable, lovable and liberal capital.

Nnamdi today Uruguay's capital city isn't a place that likes to boast to like if it's many charge. Despite its grounds neoclassical Buddha far. Blossoming food and drinks and a love affair with to have Uruguay S. national obsessions. Football tango has a quiet place to life in this city of 1.3000000 people that those who quit her treasure. Uruguay's politically progressive outlook is a long standing parts of life. True many of Latin America's major trades and political blocs a headquarters here than in Montevideo gentle Nick name the person. In America. But beneath the stable quiet chicks ...

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