How to Buy Democracy | Unfilter 199

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

A new batch of emails reveal the political influence Clinton Foundation donors had over Hillary’s State Department, plus possible outing and death of a spy & obscene amounts of money the Clinton’s took in. Plus a close look at the week’s world events, the dangerous situation in Crimea developing right now, the 2016 race & a huge Overtime!

This is I'm filter episode 199 for 8/10/2016 and this is where we begin the store that just won't die 44 new emails released to the public as part of a conservative groups a lawsuit against the state department will the method to show what the New York times is now calling it quote close and sometimes overlapping interests between the Clinton foundation and the state department when Hillary Clinton served as secretary of. On the very last episode before we hit the big 200 welcome again to unfiltered gibber broadcasts Eaton's weekly show but the news you should be watching I'm chase room the boy ...

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