AD #1920 – Another Tesla Autopilot Crash, Raptor Improves by Leaps and Bounds, Canadian Labor Talks Kick Off

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Look for the Union Label, Eh? - Blame the Salesman - Automatic Headaches - Raptor Improved by Leaps and Bounds - You Said It!

And today I shall Canada is worried about losing its automotive industry Tesla has another auto pilot accident this time in China and we answer your questions in you said it all that more coming right up on online daily. Bottling daily for August 10 of 2016. Automotive manufacturing in North America is running red hot but not so much so for our friends in the great white north. 2009 Canada accounted for 17 percent of north American vehicle production. But with more automakers moving manufacturing to Mexico that number dropped to 13 percent last year according to ward's. Canada lost more than 53000 automotive jobs since 2001 and that's why labor negotiations with GM Ford an FCA the kick off today ...

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