Dosha Balancing Yin Yoga | Ayurveda Yoga | Yoga with Melissa 452

published 1 year ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Dosha Balancing Yin Yoga Ayurveda is a five thousand year old system of medicine originating in India. It is known as a sister practice to yoga. In fact, Ayurveda, the wisdom of life, has recommends specific yoga practices for specific body types. Ayurvedic medicine believes that each of us has a unique makeup or constitution. Vata dosha is made up of air and ether, pitta dosha water and fire, and kapha dosha water and earth. There are specific lifestyle recommendations for each dosha. In this yin yoga class, I will modify the practice for each dosha. Vata dosha literally translates as wind. With vata dosha the wind blows, but not for long. In other words vata dosha exhausts themselves quite easily. It is common for vata dosha to have low energy, constipation and bloating. In this yin yoga class we will focus on yoga poses that gently tonify the large intestine to relieve bloating and constipation. Pitta dosha are filled with fire and heat. It is important that their yoga practice helps to release the fire that builds particularly within their small intestine. This yin yoga practice will be surrendering and receptive to relieve tension and irritability for our pitta dosha friends. Kapha doshas have the most endurance and consistence of all the doshas. By opening up their chests we will help to reduce the stagnation and congestion and dispel the accumulation of mucus. For more support in balancing your doshas, Join us in our membership community this month for our 30 Day Ayurvedic Morning Routine Challenge

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