AD #1918 – Top Google Execs Jump Ship, Another Threat to Dealers, Nissan to Bow Out of Battery Business

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Top Google Executives Leave Company - Man Claims AutoPilot Saved Life - Nissan Said in Talks to Sell Battery Unit - 3D Printed Cars Threaten Dealers - Chip Foose Brings Forgotten Cadillac to Life - Why 48 Volt is Appealing

I'm today show Google loses another top executive from its autonomous vehicle program local motors is another tech company that threatens car dealerships and why 48 volt systems could kill off strong hybrids on that and more coming right up on a blind date. This is not a line daily for August 8 of 2016. Well there's a big shake up going on at Google self driving car effort at least 4 of the topic technical experts who were involved from the earliest days have decided to go somewhere else. The latest is Chris Berenson the chief technology officer of the business unit. He says he's looking for a new challenge but did not announce any concrete plans. 2 key software engineers also quit saying they were going to a start up company. Earlier this ...

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