Unstoppable Series: Being Seen (Lesson 2 of 4) Ep. 136

published 5 years ago by Bill Baren, Business Transformation Provocateur | In the spirit of Seth Godin, Eben Pagan, Derek Halpern, Ali Brown, Marie Forleo, and an alternative to Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, Brendon Burchard, and John Lee Dumas

We all crave being seen. But...sometimes we hide the best part of us because we’re not comfortable enough with ourselves. Not only does our business suffer, we feel... Constricted. Constrained. Unexpressed. Are you willing to open your heart a bit more, shine a little more brightly, more shamelessly?

Foolish to hide from people who cannot see you it is even more foolish to hide from people who can. I caught myself earlier saying you just be yourself and sometimes that that whole saying bugs me as opposed to thinking about okay okay how do I be myself. Even though being seen is not easy for us humans it's absolutely worth it because everything happens when were seen. Intimacy happens when we're seeing connection Hoppin. That's what we're seem it's really difficult for us humans to be able to share all parts of our so. As opposed to a. Allowing other people to see us we projected image that we want people to see. But the reality is that people resonate with ...

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