AD #1917 – Nissan Brings BladeGlider to Life, CVTs and 4-Cylinders On The Rise, Another Airbag Investigation

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota Teams with Taxis - Takata Wants to Split Recall Costs - Another Airbag Investigation - Nissan Brings BladeGlider to Life - Nissan Fuel Cell Concept - CVTs and 4-Cylinders On The Rise - China Challenges GPS

On today's show Nissan shows off a working prototype on these wild blade glider concept Toyota teams up with Japan's taxi group to experiment with self driving technology and more and more vehicles are being equipped with CB teams all that more coming right up. On a lengthy. Czat align daily for August 5. 26 to. Japan's taxi association criticize Toyota in June for making an investment in rival uber but now it looks like the partnership won't hurt Japanese taxis. Toyota announced yesterday that it will collaborate with the association and analyzing traffic environments and experimenting with self driving technology. Toyota also has a next Gen taxi model that will be available to cabbies next year ...

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