AD #1915 – Jul Sales Rebound, Scooter Sharing Service Launched, Bavaria Sues Volkswagen

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Jul Sales Rebound - FCA Sued Over Actor’s Death - Culture Shift Leads To Better Efficiency - Bavaria Sues VW - Nissan’s Mobility Experiments - Scooter Sharing Service Launched

On today's show car sales rebound in the U. S. market SCA is sued over the death of actor Anton Yelchin and how it changes. Corporate culture. Is improve. C. of its vehicles. All that mark coming right up. Online dating. WNED. This is out of line daily for August 3 of 2016. Jim car sales in the U. S. where a bit of a scare for automakers as the seasonally adjusted annual rate dipped below 17000000 units. But the drop in sales didn't carry over to July. Ward's auto reports the star hit 17.8000000 units. Highest it's been in 8 months. Automakers sold a total of 1.5000000 vehicles which is a half a percent gain compared to a year ago. But looking at the individual companies most of the big automakers saw their sales dept ...

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