AD #1914 – South Korea Bans 80 VW Models, BMW Sets Quarterly Sales Record, Mercedes Cuts Metris Price

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- South Korea Bans VW - Mitsubishi Blames Culture For Cheating - Tesla Bus Based On Model X - Honda’s Profits Beat Expectations - BMW Sets Sales Record - Mercedes Cuts Metris Price - Will Humans Bully Self-Driving Cars?

On today's show VW gets banned from selling cars in South Korea Mitsubishi says its corporate culture led to fuel economy. If elation. Mercedes comes out with a cheaper version of the mattress man. All that more coming right up. Online dating. That's what owing daily for August 2 of 2016. Well Volkswagen is making progress with regulators here in the U. S. in regards to its cheating diesels. But the automaker just received another setback South Korea banned VW AG from selling 80 Volkswagen Audi and Bentley models in the country. Because it says the automaker fabricated documents related to emissions and noise level tasks. It's also being fined $16000000. Like a cheating diesels here in the U. S. south Korean customers that have already purchased and right ...

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