Which Prenatal Classes Should I Take?

published 3 months ago by UCTV

As you enter your second trimester, it is time to start thinking about prenatal classes. What classes are commonly offered and how can they help you prepare for the birth of your child? Dr. Julia Cormano walks you through some of your options and shares valuable questions you can ask during each class. Series: "UCTV Prime" [Show ID: 33870]

Your second trimester is a terrific time to start considering which prenatal classes he would like to take. Pairing for the birth of your baby will help you feel more confident both during labor and delivery and caring for your baby subsequently the classes we will discuss today include hospital tourist childbirth education and preparation infant care and breast feeding. Let's start with the hospital tour. We recommend that you toward the location where you plan to have your baby seeing labor rooms makes it easier to picture what it will be like to give birth you'll also feel more empowered to know where to go when the time comes ask questions such as where can we leave the car when we arrive in labor where do we check in and does the baby stay in the room with me the entire time ...

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