Dragon ants, rhino rescues & a whale-sized shark feast

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

Rescuers save six baby rhinos from catastrophic floods in India, two new ant species named after Game of Thrones dragons, a ranger arrested for poaching in South Africa, New York’s corpse flower blooms for the first time in 80 years and a whale-sized feast for sharks in Australia!

This week's episode rescuers saved 6 baby rhinos from catastrophic floods in India to new and species named after game of thrones dragons new York's court flower blooms and a whale carcass buffet started off in South Africa over a ranger in a veterinary technician had been arrested for allegedly killing a white rhino junior Rangers apprehended the men after hearing gunshots fall out on patrol the suspects in both on the frontline of fighting protein in the Kruger national park were found with the rental car dealers to horns and a hunting rifle. A huge surge is under way in India for the country's most famous tiger j'ai wildlife officials became concerned when the animals fade after his tracking device.transmitting 3 months ago dry his father over 20 cups and has been credited with helping to repopulate India's tiger population the government has offered a reward for news on the big catch his whereabouts staying in India were devastating floods have submerged the cats are ...

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