AD #2463 – Continental Develops Biometric Technology, Why Long Range EVs Are Less Efficient, UK Bans “Reckless” Car Ads

published 5 months ago by John McElroy

- Ford Revamps China Operations - UK Bans “Reckless” Car Ads - Tesla to Announce Earnings - Continental Develops Biometric Technology - Navya Opens Assembly Plant in U.S. - Renault Moves Twizy Production to South Korea - Why Long Range EVs Are Less Efficient

On today's show jolly old England does not like car commercials with fast cars there's new technology that allows your car to recognize you just by looking at you and why long range electric cars are less efficient than short range want all that and more coming right up. This is not online daily the voice of the automotive industry well things are going bad for Ford in China sales plunged 43 percent in September and are down 30 percent so far this year earlier this year the head of its China operations Jay said Lou abruptly resigned after just 5 months on the job citing personal reasons so for just announced it separating its China operations from its Asia Pacific Division to form a standalone business unit that cuts a layer of management ...

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