What is a Group B Strep Test?

published 3 months ago by UCTV

At around 35 weeks into your pregnancy, your provider will order a Group B Strep test. What is Group B strep and how does it affect your baby? Dr. Julia Cormano explains the test, what your results mean, and how it impacts you and your baby during labor and delivery. Series: "Motherhood Channel" [Show ID: 33359]

At approximately 35 weeks into her pregnancy your provider will have you take a group B. streptococcus or GBS test let's talk about with GPS is and why this test is so important for a healthy birth. GPS is a type of bacteria that can live normally in a woman's genitals or urinary tract and is considered a normal type of bacteria is not a sexually transmitted disease and no treatment is indicated for women who have the bacteria however during delivery when the baby is moving along the birth canal it can be exposed to GPS and unfortunately can become very sick before routine testing for GPS about 1.7 babies out of 1000 births would become seriously infected after delivery because of this we now routinely test ...

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