Understanding Miscarriage

published 3 months ago by UCTV

Miscarriage is more common than most people realize. Dr. Julia Cormano walks you through the common causes of miscarriage and ways to reduce your risk. She also explains the signs and symptoms of miscarriage and when you should call your provider. Series: "UCTV Prime" [Show ID: 33872]

Miscarriage also commonly called spontaneous abortion is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks at a station so around 5 months miscarriages more common than most people realize and is influenced strongly by a woman's age women younger than 30 have a miscarriage rate of approximately 17 percent and this rate doubles by the time they're 40 the further along a pregnancy has developed the less likely a miscarriage is to occur. There are many different causes of miscarriage about half of miscarriages are caused by abnormal genetics such as the pregnancy having too many or too few chromosomes. Other causes include maternal diseases trauma and infection but sadly the reason for most miscarriages is never diagnosed. Signs and symptoms of a miscarriage are vaginal spotting or bleeding uterine cramping ...

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